The best VIP channels of Telegram automated for you on SmartBinance

On Telegram, a well-known messaging application, there are dozens of groups that, by paying, analyze the market and provide "signals", ie suggestions on coins to buy and sell in short time.
With SmartBinance Premium you can receive signals directly on your Binance account, automatically and with no additional cost.

Subscribe to a channel

Subscribe to a channel

Subscribe to the channels you prefer, choosing between automatic mode (direct order entry) or with authorization (via email notification)

The channels publish

The channel publish

The channels publish the daily signals with purchase / sale advice

We automate

We automate

For each signal, if you are enrolled in automatic mode we will place the orders directly on your account, otherwise, we will send you an email notification to request your authorization

Channels chosen by our staff

Channel Price Result
CQS Scalping Free Signals *
 sign up directly
free - 76.5 % Log in
CriptoFiveSignals *
 sign up directly
free - 23.63 % Log in
Crypto addicts VIP *
 sign up directly
0.015 BTC per month
free on SmartBinance
+ 99.65 % Log in
Crypto Signalist PRO *
 sign up directly
30 USD per month
free on SmartBinance
+ 648.77 % Log in
Mining Hamster *
 sign up directly
6.00 USD per month
free on SmartBinance
+ 259.22 % Log in

* The signals automated by SmartBinance are only a part of the content published on official channels.
To receive all the updates please subscribe to the channels you prefer by clicking on the appropriate direct link.
The signals automated by SmartBinance are not intended as investment advice.
Each user must decide whether to operate according to their own judgment and their economic availability.

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