More is more, Smart is more!

Smarter trading on Binance

Our servers monitor Binance prices every day, 24 hours a day.

Our website allows you to create smart orders: you can assign different advanced options to each order and your orders will be executed only when they reach the rules you have selected.


No payment is required and no commission is applied to your orders.

We do not ask for your access to Binance and all your information is saved encrypted on our secure servers.

Discover more about website safety

Focus on trading, we'll take care of the rest!

Dynamic Stop-Limit

Always sell at the best price! Our smart stop-limit updates as your cryptocurrency increases and sells before it loses value. Find out how it works

Take-profit and stop-loss on the same order

You no longer have to choose between take-profit and stop-loss: create multiple rules for the same order. Find out how it works

Think in Dollars

You can set your operations directly in USDT, without wasting more time monitoring the take-profit and stop-loss of your orders.

Conditionals orders

Create conditional orders to process an order as a result of running another.
With SmartBinance you can! See an example

SmartBinance provides you smarter trading for your Binance account

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